Virtual Swimmers


If you haven't already,  as soon as possible, please provide the swimmers full name, date of birth, team
affiliation and best yard times for every event swam. Also provide a cell phone numbers for
EMERGENCY communication; pool closures, illness or lightening or snow outages.


The first lesson is an hour assessment of the swimmers current skills and is not part of any packages. The
assessment charge is the standard single hour fee of $150

After this session you can decide if you would like to continue on a single lesson by lesson basis or chose
to book in either  3  or 5 session packages.

I teach out of two pools and will travel to client defined pools in rare cases.
The location of your lessons will be either at the JCC in Bridgewater or the Raritan Valley
Community College pool (located in the middle of campus in the Physical Education Bldg
2nd Floor), directions & the tuition chart are here on the website.   I teach at pools based
upon the times water  is available ... there is a code on every schedule page to the left that
designates which pool.


Your final verification is your name listed at the time and date within the online
schedule. I run my day based upon it.  I update the website every few days or so
... so be patient. If it's a last minute lesson I'll expedite or text !   I will make
mistakes, but if we flag them there should be no last minute issues.


If illness or another critical issues arise - no worries. Life happens and we
adjust ! Simply Text me the reason.

Booking lessons months in advance then telling me the night before you need to cancel is troublesome.
It happens far to often and it shows lack of respect to myself and other swimmers who desire to engage.
That being said please text if an emergency arises as I will do the same if/when there is in-climate
weather, pool closures, etc..   I wait only 10 minutes on deck for clients.
No Shows will be charged or eliminated from the roster going forward.


My cellular number is 908-581-0275.  If you call me you will be disappointed as I never answer it,

Email for scheduling. Minimize your emails please ; simple straight forward requests with Date, Time,
Duration, Swimmer.

Text only for critical communication.  I book via email time stamp.

I look forward to seeing your swimmer in the water soon !

Swim Smart,