The aquatic community needs trained, skilled, professional
individuals to ensure safety and teach skills. Unfortunately, there
are many people offering these services without the necessary
skills or training. The results can be seen on almost every pool
deck in America - inattentive guards, teachers without lesson
plans and unsatisfied customers. This is why premium services
in aquatics are in such high demand.!

Virtual Swim is committed to providing it's clients with the best
skilled and trained aquatic personnel possible.

If you have a passion for aquatics and have started the process
of gathering appropriate certifications and experience - Virtual
Swim is looking for the few aquatic "diamonds in the rough" to
join us in providing premium aquatic services.
Employment Opportunities
Looking for aquatic professionals who are looking to
specialize in one or more of these aquatic market

Youth Learn-To-Swim
Adult Learn-To-Swim
Triathlon Aquatic Preparation
Video Analysis
Competitve Stroke Analysis
Overcoming Fear of Water

Looking for aquatic professionals who
would like to teach private lessons at
private homes. Schedules built around
your schedule.

If Interested - contact
908 581-0275

If you don't have WSI - we've still got
time before the summer season begins
and you will also be paid to attend a few
instructor training lessons with coach Q.