Homework Tips 1
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Homework Tips 2

Getting Wet (Beginners)
Wash Face using cupped hands. Use this time to encourage the child to
get his/her face wet and get comfortable with the feeling.

Playing Water-fall. Parent gently pours water over child's head while in
the bath-tub. Once again feeling comfortable with water over their face,
ears and head is the goal.

Have your child take showers!

Humming Bubbles (Beginners)
Whenever you have an opportunity have your child "humm" while
blowing bubbles, this teaches exhalation through nose and mouth!

Arm Strokes (Beginners)
Have child make "big arm circles" while they walk. Forward and

Arms With Side Breathing (Beginners)
Child sits in parent's lap keeping head down as if it were in the water.
They pretend to take a breath to the side, blow bubbles down while
there arms make big circles.

Star Fish Front float (Beginners)
On a bed have swimmer lie on their stomach, put a small pillow in the
small of the back and have child stretch out legs and arms in starfish

Star Fish Back float (Beginners)
On the floor have swimmer lie on their back, put a small pillow in the
small of the back and have child stretch out legs and arms in starfish

Back float Head Position (Beginners)
Lying down in the bathtub, looking up at ceiling make sure water covers
the ears. A hand mirror held for the swimmer to see themselves is a
good thing!

Mirror Swimming (Beginners)
In front of a mirror, have the swimmer bend forward and view his or
herself doing front crawl arms. Emphasis should be on reaching in front,
pushing all the way back and breathing to the side. Face down.

In front of mirror, standing straight up, have the swimmer practice
backstroke arms. Emphasis should be on straight arm recovery in front
of body, little finger entry (arms next to ears) and each hand is in
opposite of the other.

Bed Swimming (Beginners)
Front crawl - have swimmer lay on their stomach with one side over the
edge. Have swimmer practice reaching forward and pulling/pushing
back all the way to the thigh. Emphasis on long r-e-a-c-h and full push
past the hip.