Virtual Swim Coach
Teaching swimming is our focus, however your childs safety is
very important to us. Remember that there is no such thing as
"drown-proofing" and that accidents can and will happen.
Hence the need for  vigilance  to prevent them before they do

Please review the following ideas to keep in mind around the
Swim Instruction
Life Guarding Service
Aquatic Resources
Facilities Management
908 581-0275
1.  Never assume someone is supervising your children.
2.  Swim where certified Lifeguards are on duty.
3.  Enforce Water Safety Rules as you would "Street Rules".
4.  Parents and Caregivers should be trained in CPR
5.  When not in the pool, store pool toys AWAY and out of sight.
6.  Don't dive into water less than 9 feet deep.
7.   Don't dive if you can't see the bottom.
8.  If someone in the water is in trouble. Rememer "Throw, don't go"
9.  Rescue Equipment should be quickly and easily accessible.
10.Always be ready to call 911.

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