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I've been teaching, coaching and motivating swimmers for over 30
years and during that time I've studied swimming from a number vantage
points. I've experience from the competitive arena (coach, competitior,
official, parent). I've certifications as an instructor, instructor trainer from
most aquatic bodies, as well study and  attend conferences and clinics
each year.

In the US most of our children are introduced to the water by well
meaning folks who have limited experience, training or passion for  
aquatics. I train swim teachers and am sadden by the limited number
of truly committed and focused instructors even taking the small step to
enter the red cross or YMCA certifcation programs. If you've had less
than satisfactory results with previous lessons - see what passion,
knowledge, patience and passion can do for your child.

Swim Smart,


Note:  If your child is under 3 years of age - I'd suggest a a parent / child
course or lot's of play with you in the water. If your child is an infant - I've
contacts with loving teachers who specialize in infant instruction.
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